Poly-Friendly Professionals
Jason Best, LCSW Psychologists, Therapists, Relationship Counselors
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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*This professional performs at least some of their services via the phone.
Note: This simply indicates that the professional may be willing to perform their services remotely. Please contact them directly for clarification.

If you're like most of my patients, you've come to this website because you need help and you want to talk to someone who you can trust to understand your issues. I have an extensive background in treating depression, anxiety, and bipolar issues with many different populations. I also have worked with many couples and families for a variety of treatment issues. However, while skilled and experienced therapists are rare, this probably isn't the main reason you're coming to this website. I am also very knowledge about kinky and non-monogamous practice, and I am familiar with many of the local resources of various communities.á I've worked with kinky and non-monogamous patients in both individual and in relationship counseling to resolve a variety of issues.

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