Poly-Friendly Professionals
Morganne Baum, M.S.W. Psychologists, Therapists, Relationship Counselors
Social Worker
*This professional performs at least some of their services online or via email.
*This professional performs at least some of their services via the phone.
Note: This simply indicates that the professional may be willing to perform their services remotely. Please contact them directly for clarification.

Primary Address
Las Vegas, NV
United States
Phone: 702-249-8973  


I believe that change is possible. I have a holistic approach to counseling, taking into account the complex dynamic between mind and body. In addition to the traditional form of talk therapy, my work includes techniques such as therapeutic breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation, couples facilitation, life coaching, and spiritual counseling. I specialize in intimacy and sexual issues, recovering from or managing health conditions, Fibromyalgia and other "invisible" disabilities, trauma and PTSD, depression, low self image/self esteem, and addictive behaviors. I am also trained in an energy work style that is similar to Reiki.

I work with individuals, couples, families and groups; all ages, as well as all gender identities, sexual orientations, and alternative lifestyle choices. I look forward to helping you make the transformation in your life that you desire.

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