Poly-Friendly Professionals
Mikita Brottman, Ph.D Psychologists, Therapists, Relationship Counselors
Elemental Therapy
*This professional performs at least some of their services online or via email.
*This professional performs at least some of their services via the phone.
Note: This simply indicates that the professional may be willing to perform their services remotely. Please contact them directly for clarification.

Primary Address (map)
Belvedere Hotel
Baltimore, MD 21202
United States
Phone: 443-438-9003  


I am an autonomous psychoanalyst in private practice outside the "mental health" system. This means I have no affiliation with
any clinic, hospital or institution, nor do I accept any insurance payments. I work from my office at home, and I only see patients one day a week, currently Thursdays. As well as in-person therapy, however, I also work with patients on the phone, by Skype and by e-mail.

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