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Macho Sluts

Melting Point

Patrick (formerly Pat) Califia
Alyson Publications

Pat Califia is not for the faint of heart. His work, some of which has been banned in Canada, has something to offend almost anyone--explicit sexuality, explicit S/M play, multiple relationships, all sorts of sexual orientations, gender play, and that's only touching the surface.

His fiction is hot as hell, intelligent and insightful, and more than well written enough to not deserve placement in the literary backwater of Erotica.

Macho Sluts and Melting Point are two of his collections of short stories, and many of the stories are set in a Lesbian leather community, where non-monogamous relationships are part of the distinctly different backdrop.

Note: Califia now has another book of titled No Mercy. I haven't finished it yet, but I think it's every bit as good so far.

Hans Unger (hans187@hotmail.com) rates Macho Sluts a 8 (Excellent) and says:
I found this book in the Amsterdam public library, and although is dates from 12 years ago, I liked it very much. The short stories are very titillating and, maybe just because they take place in a not-too-common scene i.e. the lesbian sm community, they are very appealing for a hetero guy like myself. More than once during the reading of the book, I wished I were part of the scenes described! Rating 8 out of 10.

minx rates Macho Sluts a 10 (Best book available) and says:
his is the hottest book i've ever read. i'm hetrosexual but it's so sexy you wind up wishing you weren't! It's still my favourite SM read. Story of O is my second favourite.

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